What We Did?

We Take Great Pride In Our Work.

Innovative Work

Some of the Drone work we have done around Somerset County, NJ.

Our drone projects are a mix of residential and commercial. The drone inspections have been most useful for us on our larger commercial clients' projects. Commercial projects are often much larger and more complex than residential ones, so having a drone to help with inspections is invaluable. Our clients are happy with the images and videos we provide them, which has resulted in repeat business. We've even had some clients ask us to inspect areas that they were not originally planning to have us look at. Overall, we're very pleased with the results of using drones for inspections and would recommend them to others in the construction industry.

Drones have quickly become a valuable tool for construction companies across the world. Here at East Coast Aerial Inspection Services, we've been using drones for inspections on our clients for the past year and have found them incredibly helpful.


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